Exceptional Information Technology Training

itFlee is committed to making the best hands-on IT training online.  itFlee was created by individuals who want to share information, to motivate and to help others avoid the “IT Catch 22”.  The IT catch 22 is not being able to get an IT job because you have no practical experience, but you are not able to get practical experience because you don’t have an IT job. This vicious loop keeps millions of people from entering the IT field and is very discouraging.

itFlee’s training is unique because  not only are your learning concepts but we create labs that allow you to replicate everything you see the instructor do.   The training will allow you to replicate tasks that professionals do every day while using the same OSs, tools, and technologies.

From acquiring skills from training, help from the blog or even resume rewriting, itFlee is here to help you get into the IT field.

itFlee’s Udemy courses are a continuation of this, offering concise and real world hands on training.

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