Jeff Bikas

Digital Media Expert

My passion is digital media. Whether its building websites, creating videos, recording and mixing music, to online marketing, I live and breathe it. More importantly I enjoy creating and helping others with the creation process. I've spent the last two decades mastering my craft and have gotten the chance to work on some amazing project both big and small for some wonderful clients. I believe in sharing my knowledge, giving back and providing real world experience in my courses. There is a difference when someone is teaching you a skill that they are doing themselves currently, not just teaching you in theory. With technology moving at such a fast rate, it's not only important to have a solid foundation but to be relevant and have real world application to what your teaching. I strive to create really in-depth courses that go well beyond the basis of the subject or skill. It is easy to teach someone a skill but to provide them with the bigger picture and to connect all the dots is what I love the most about teaching. 

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