Professor James Clark

Physiologist, Health and Science Educator

With a background in physiology, sports medicine and health care, and education that is coupled with my many publications on the science of exercise and physiology related to obesity and health issues of obesity, I routinely find myself working with people and students to the point where they are able to have a better understanding of the general principles of health and fitness.  

In the classroom and lecture halls, I use a presentation style that makes every effort to pass information to students based on how they can make a practical application of the information in their chosen career paths. While my writing and presentations outside of the classroom, either at conferences or to general population, is done with an effort to convey the science of what we know (not what we think we know or what we hope were true) so that they can understand why health professionals would have them follow the recommendations that are given to them to do.

In these various endeavors, I have worked closely with each person to expand their understanding of the implications of exercise and fitness as it relates underlying scientific principle of physiology for their health or for medical professions to educate those in their care.

In the classroom and lab, I work with many students and members of our college community to understand that not all exercise methods are equal to each other,
and the concepts of how to establish exercise programs based on the science of exercise physiology. Additionally, understand that not everything that makes the popular press and news headlines are accurate (or even correct sometimes).

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