Andrew Jones

Creator of Intimacy Guidance

The biggest test came and was passed!  A marriage to the woman of his dreams could only happen because he rose to the challenges presented within the relationship by being authentic, compassionate, and totally dedicated to show up through both respective healing processes...and there are a great many!  

Is there any greater proof than this?  A truly powerful Goddess is living at the edge of her creativity, and will shape shift through wild expressions of personality.  To  weather these changes as a man is not only your greatest challengebut her Greatest Gift from you.  "Yes, I have grown into my Man-Self by rising and succeeding in this!"

Andrew Jones completed a two year Master's program at University of Santa Monica in 2005, achieving a Master of Arts degree in Spiritual Psychology, where the primary focus is to heal one's self through experience within the context that “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”  Hundreds of hours were spent as both the practitioner and the client role where he experienced working the emotional process (including healing the past), releasing limiting beliefs, and positively changing physical reality.  In his training, an entire six month project was dedicated to healing the toughest relationship each student had ever experienced.

Most recently he completed a 2 year training through the Luminous Body School of Energy Medicine in 2012, and teacher assisted those modules off and on.

Andrew's interest in healing work began with yoga studies and certification in 2002 with bodywork training.  This started a lifelong refinement of attuning to the body, emotions, mind and Spirit.  His passion inspired him to complete a 200 hour yoga training, including Buddhism and consciousness studies. Subsequent interests are techniques in Non-violent Communication and relationship conflict resolution.

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