Copywriter Vas Blagodarskiy

Copywriter, Squeeze Page & Landing Page Designer

My name is Vas Blagodarskiy, and I’m a 9-time Product Of The Day nominee on JVZoo.

JVZoo is the world’s leading info-product marketplace, raking in over $100 Million in sales annually.

I'm a professional copywriter based in College Park, Maryland.


About my courses: 

Course 1: "High-Converting Copywriting Formulas for Big JVZoo Launches"

Every single day… Thousands of new ebooks, video courses and software products go up for sale on JVZoo.

But there’s one big problem:

99% of those new ebooks, video courses and software products go UN-NOTICED, and generate little to no sales.

No one launches a product hoping that it won’t sell at all.

But that’s what happens to the vast majority of great ideas that go up for sale.

Yet… The 1% of those new ebooks, video courses and software products will receive over 50% of the sales.

How? Because the top 10 products get the most traffic.

And why’s that?

It’s because BEFORE they reach the top 10, they used proven headline & call-to-action button copywriting formulas. These proven formulas are guaranteed to convert. That's why so many affiliates end up mailing hard for those launches (the 1%) while ignoring the rest (the 99%).

How do YOU get yourself some of that one-percent affiliate love? How can YOU use those same formulas for YOUR product launch? Find out, inside my course - called, “High-Converting Copywriting Formulas for Big JVZoo Launches.”

At the end of the course, you’ll be able to launch confidently, knowing that your sales copy will convert, and knowing that your headlines & call-to-action buttons will be a success. All this can be assured long before you even start to recruit your army of affiliates to promote you... if you know how!

Course 2: "High-Converting Sales Funnels for JVZoo Product Launches"

If you’re dead-set on launching a product - whether it’s an ebook, a video course, or a software product - consider the option of DOUBLING or TRIPLING your profits (by including simple UPSELL OFFERS inside your sales funnel).

I’m a professional copywriter and a landing page builder who’s been behind some of the biggest launches on JVZoo. If you want to make BIG BUCKS on your next launch… Listen up! You probably know what a sales funnel is: it’s when you have a low-cost front-end offer that entices people to buy, followed by a higher-priced One Time Offer, or a series of One Time Offers. These upgrades are CRITICAL to making your launch a success!

It’s how you turn a $10,000 launch into a $20,000 launch.

Simply offer people a no-brainer offer that compel them to upgrade, and you’ll walk away from your launch with more profits in your pocket.

But HOW do you structure a WINNING sales funnel? How do you GUARANTEE a maximum ROI possible?

It’s easy. In this course, we’ll study top marketers’ sales funnels that are launching in the summer of 2016.

We’re going to look at their JV pages. We’re going to see how THEY structure THEIR sales funnels, so that YOU can get valuable take-aways from what’s deemed valuable by the online marketing consumer space.

Course 3: "High-Converting Copy Of Top 10 Biggest-Ever JVZoo Launches"

The JVZoo affiliate marketplace is responsible for over $100 Million in annual sales - and I set out to discover exactly how JVZoo vendors make BIG BUCKS using proven copywriting techniques.

I went straight to the top, and looked at products that have sold at least 5,000 units or more!

I studied their copy from top to bottom.

Now, you can look over my should as I show you EXACTLY what makes buyers click the Buy button, so you, too, can know how to write YOUR OWN killer sales copy.

Most of these products were software products.

However, the principles that you’ll learn inside apply to all kinds of copywriting.

By looking at best selling sales pages, you’ll have the inside know-how on writing high-converting copy, based on information that’s already hiding in plain sight, inside proven winners’ sales pages. This course will open your eyes to TEN high-converting, best selling sales pages. In fact, every one of the ten copies that you’ll study has already sold at least 5,000 units.

By looking at what makes them work… you’ll be able to make your own copy work better than anything else you’ve ever tried, because this is based on PROVEN copy that’s already SOLD THOUSANDS OF UNITS. This course is for product developers, JV managers and copywriters looking to get an edge on their next product launch.


An ideal student for these courses is someone who’s already launched one or two products before, OR someone who’s never launched one but would like to get into the product launch business.

Thank you for checking out my course - I hope to see you inside - and good luck!

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