Kate Jones

Change Coach

My name is Kate Jones, and my mission is to help people implement successful changes in their lives and their businesses. I do this by first supporting them to identify their unwavering vision before helping them to take deliberate action. 

Client testimonials:

"Kate has helped me in a variety of ways when all other avenues left me feeling that I was the failure. I wanted to lose weight but I don’t believe that "diets" are a long term solution. Kate's positivity has given me confidence that I can do this. She manages to unpick my confusion and identify the real issue. Kate has very realistic expectations and yet still manages to challenge me."

"I was stuck in a cycle of weight loss and gain, having tried every diet going! My only hesitation in working with Kate was simply whether I was ready to be honest with myself. But by offering a safe environment for me to tell it like it is and share aspirations and fears without worrying that I'm being judged or gossiped about, Kate has given me the space to explore what's really going on in my head. Kate will work with you to support you in a gently challenging manner. Go for it!"

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