Penelope Bellegarde

Digital Analytics consultant & coach, The Data Touch founder

My name is Penelope Bellegarde and I run a digital analytics consultancy and training company in London UK, called The Data Touch. I help my clients win in the market place by delivering data driven outcomes that matter. I also help individuals, training companies and academic institutions shine by providing distinctive training and education programmes that make people more marketable.

In my previous consultancy role, I had the opportunity to develop training programmes and to teach other consultants. This was a real eye opener as I discovered a true passion for teaching. This is why this is a key aspect of my business. In fact, one of my company’s mission is to bridge the UK digital skills gap.

My company services include:

-The identification of the right Key Performance Indicators for organisations and how to capture them. Although a key part in a business's analytics journey, this is a part that is too often neglected.

-The design of bespoke digital analytics technical documents fitting clients’ measurement requirements. I have the required technical expertise in crafting bespoke solutions using Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics.

-Deep dive analysis to diagnose issues and reveal opportunities leading to a series of interventions. These analyses are varied and focus on a number of aspects: website effectiveness, marketing effectiveness, customer journey analysis, competitive analysis, voice of the customer analysis, social media analysis.

-Analytics training: I train teams on the leading digital analytics and competitive intelligence solutions out there: Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google AdWords, comScore, Hitwise. I also train on analytical thinking and mindset, analytics tools and techniques.

-The design of measurement frameworks and of operating models around data and analytics to make organisations more data driven.

Prior to running my own company, I spent 4.5 years working for a large consultancy firm as a digital analytics consultant. On top of my day to day consultancy duties, I had the opportunity to teach and coach other consultants about business and data skills and techniques over intense training programmes. I also had the opportunity to design bespoke digital analytics training programmes for clients.

Prior to this, I was digital analytics manager for a large travel company and a large media company before that.

I am a regular speaker at digital conferences on the subject of digital analytics.

In total, I have over 12 years experience, 10 years being in digital analytics and 2 years in various marketing roles.

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