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Hi my name is Mel

I am a freelance Employability Skills Trainer and a part time mature student in my mid 30's ok mid to late 30's doing my final year of a Bsc Psychology degree. 

My University in the last couple of years helped to put a name to some of my common behaviours.

I have now officially been diagnosed with the following conditions;

ADHD specifically (Innattentive ADD)

3 forms of dyslexia; phonological, memory and visual dyslexia (Irlen Syndrome)

and finally promise there is not any more

Aspergers syndrome which is basically a form of autism 

Being on the ADHD and Autism spectrum is a very good reason to explain why I have changed jobs more then the average person.

 In my earlier part of my life span I remember going to 30 interviews in a row and being rejected for every single one and prior to that applying for 100's if not 1000's of jobs before being offered an interview.

My time line goes something a little like this

age range  jobs applied for     interview offers

16-19         200                        1

20-26           25                        1

 27+              3                         1   

to behonest 3-1 is being quite moddest as I currently have a ration of a applying for a job and normally get offered a interview 1:1                         

I have  a 95% job offer rate.

Usually when you remain the same job of course it becomes very easy to jump from company to company to  when performing the same role but I have learnt and developed effective techniques across many industries I have worked in;

Sales, aced the estate agency industry and became a manager due to be a top seller consistenly for several years to working in the freight industry to housing departments in the council to various retails shops I have done door to door sales worked the mental health and vunrable groups industry

It was not my intention in the earlier parts of my life span to move around as much as I did but I get bored very easily. I am super sensitive so if i do not feel comfortable in a work enviroment I am off no doubt it I have been through the  job application process way more then the average person and as a result I have become a bit of a wizard in the employability skills sector.

I have worked with over 10000 students over the last 10+ years and seen up close and personal the devestat eing effects of having low levels of;




I have helped 1000's of people from earning 600 pounds a month after tax to 1600 a month just by raising the levels of the above mentioned. I have also helped many to match my 3:1 interview offer rates time and time again

I am using the udemy platform for the first time in my life to document and share with you some of my sessions that I have delivered on Employability skills. I have over the last 10 years revieved in 2009 and for the second time in 2014 grade 1 whilst being observed by a major governing body in the education system seriously do you know how hard it is to get a grade 1 on average most get grade 2 so I am seriosly proud of that. 

I recieved an award for my performance outcomes when I had to train 30 people to prepare them for interview for a major hotel chain who were doing a mass recruitment drive there were 2 other trainers we each had 30 students in our classes there were 20 jobs available and 15/20 who were employed were from my class.

Being a little bit more honest with you in the last 2 years my health has been shot to pieces mainly due to developing thyroids so instead of working full time I now work part time whilst doing a degree  my plan was to do a degree in my forties to get me one step closer of doing my dream job of moving from England to America to work in the corrections system as a psychologist specialising in neuroscience analysing the brains of prisoners who have commited henious crimes.

Since getting diagnosed with ADHD I now take prescribed stimulants which has been a game changer for me. For for the first time in my life I can now focus and concentrate on documenting my tips and tricks on employability skills in a resonably organised way. 

Proir to being medicated I was super super unorganised and used the following skills to cover up this weakness

Fast thought processes

Quick thinker

Exceptional problem solver




If you wanted to combine the all for of the above skills in to one I am basically really good at winging it and thinking on my feet. My class content over the last 10+ years I have designed lesson plan the night before or on many occassion walked in to a classrom  delivered a 8+ hour classe off the top of my head with amazing feedback at the end of the session from students.

I plan to use the Udemy platform to document everything I know via mini bit sized lectures and tasks via a workbook and this workbook bit by bit will become a powerful tool filled with key informatiom based on all about you that you can extract information from to use when applying for a new job

I want people to fear you when your name is in the same interview list as theirs which is a great feeling and something I have experienced time and time again.  I can hopefully help turn looking for a job from being stressful but instead to a enjoyable fun and exciting process and get you to a 3:1 ratio and earn more money my sharing my perception and insight on how to drastically improve your employability skills BOOM !!!

Speak to you soon 


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