John O'Connor

The 7 Fundamentals of Positive Cash Flow Management

My name is John O’Connor and along withy colleague Francis Peoples, established in January 2016 after having worked together and collaborated in the vocational training sector for over 5 years. 

We encouraged our respective students to initially collaborate on some assignments in their particular disciplines and we found that the process was very successful. The students not only experienced exposure to methods and disciplines with which they were unfamiliar, they also learned how to work in a spirit of cooperation with others.

Both Francis and I then realised that this collaboration could be taken further in our own business activities and we subsequently established our firm to fill a need in business and commerce particularly for new and aspiring entrepreneurs.

I’m a qualified accountant and have worked in the accounting industry for more than 40 years. I also have qualifications in Management and Business Administration. Francis is qualified in the disciplines of Sports Administration, Marketing and Human Resources. 

Amongst other activities, we are developing courseware that can be easily accessed and adopted by stakeholders including small to medium enterprises (SME’s), entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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