My name is Saurav Gupta and I am Super-Excited that you are reading this!

I want you to be confident that I can deliver the best training there is, so below is some of my background.


I have done engineering from top Tier 1 Engineering College in India. Apart, from this I am ranked among top 250 Engineers All over India as per Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE).

So, Being an Engineer, I have a habit of giving meticulous attention to details, So, you need not to worry everything I describe in my course will be in detail.

Data Science

As far as programming is concerned I have learned many programming languages myself and helped others to learn it in an efficient manner from right source.

Students, who follow up my notes (Practically) will never forget SAS programming, since it is designed in a manner, so that students can "FEEL" the programming from within instead of simply cramming.

I am confident, you will be hired soon by companies using SAS, after you complete BASE SAS and pass their interview.


I am totally against, Just learning to drive a car:

-Instead I would love, to learn driving a car in an efficient way.

-Just reaching the destination for one time is not my motive,  But to reach different destination again and again, by saving time, avoiding violation of traffic rules is my goal.

-In case their is a problem with car during journey, I must have some solution to tackle it. Like that of Tyre puncture, overheating etc...

Same applies to programming in any software (including SAS). You Should be enough capable to handle errors / problems encountered by you during programming, rather than always looking for someone for help.


To sum up, I am fully confident of what I am teaching. Also, The content of my courses are designed in such a manner, that, even if you miss some concept here or there, it will come up again and again in coming lectures / quizzes.

Recap videos and Notes where ever I feel necessary.

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