Megan Jackson

Mindfulness and Success Coach

The purpose of our lives is to be happy. - Dalai Lama

I am Megan Jackson, a 47 year old mother, mentor, counsellor, writer artist, meditation facilitator, charity director and tarot card reader, living in Brisbane Australia I provide mindfulness and meditation counselling that helps people develop into prosperity consciousness and self awareness form negative and dis-empowering thoughts.

Megan Jackson has combined her knowledge of 13 years of meditation, along with her counseling practice to create a  mindfulness program that is ideal for people of all ages and fits in with contemporary learning.

Combining mindfulness meditation and her extensive research in brain/mind functioning, this program is like no other available . She has adopted principles from current research in mind psychology and meditations from previous programs from around the world and has created a simple and interactive  program that can easily be integrated into life.

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