Meditation and Yoga Instructor Nate Johnson

Meditation Instructor, Yoga Instrutor, Life Coach, Musician

I have been practicing mindfulness based practices for what seems to be lifetimes. This includes a current solid, daily meditation and yoga practice as well as adept level study of Qigong and some tai chi. Currently, I instruct yoga and meditation on a daily basis, now to thousands. The benefits and results of my practice are evident. Only direct experience could begin to reveal the miracle that is meditation and yoga. It brings me great joy to share these developments and gifts with you.

'Yoga' originates from the sanskrit and translates literally as 'union'. To meditate is to find the median or middle state, one of equanimity, in one's awareness. Both endeavors seek to achieve and maintain balance in the system we refer to as Self. How do we do this? We contract and expand the flesh and the breath. We intelligently structure and align the bones. We nourish the flow of blood and all corresponding interstitial fluids. This establishes a firm foundation which in turn supports the cultivation and optimal alignment of our mental, emotional and spiritual systems, whatever they may be. Why do we do this? Because it feels damn good; the result is greater and greater direct experience of ease within the core of our being. When do we do this? You decide.

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