Audrey Bret

Senior Digital Business Strategy Consultant

I spent 10 years working in digital and absolutely love it! From designing brand new digital strategies, online and mobile, for start-ups and big corporations, to launching new digital products for international brands, I help develop and grow many businesses. I also founded a couple of digital companies, and worked on thought leadership reports looking at the future of digital, such as the use of artificial intelligence and biometrics or the opportunities around connected devices (digital fridge, digital car...).

Along the years, I realised that this digital world is still mostly populated with men and highly educated individuals. And this can make it a quite closed world, especially to women. This is why I chose to create courses to support ladies who wish to launch there own digital project / online shop, but have no knowledge of coding or any advanced digital knowledge. Of course men are more than welcome to take those video classes too! Everyone should have access to this set of tools I share with you and be confident that they can create and launch  their own website, selling whatever they wish!

I keep things very simple in those videos, to make sure that everyone can understand. There is no fear to have! No matter how little you know about digital or computers or even business, I really try  to share as simply as possible many useful tips and tricks for you to be able to launch your own project, no matter your background.

Although a vast amount of work is required to create those courses for you, I keep the price as low as possible, for everyone to be able to afford to learn. I believe the more people can access knowledge, the more independent and happy they can become. And what would be better than being surrounded by happy people! :)

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