Juliana Palade

Fitness Instructor and Nutritional Therapist

Juliana is Fitness Professional, Zumba Instructor and a Nutritional Therapist living in London, UK who is passionate about health and weight loss with natural nutrition.

Years of experience as a fitness instructor and working with more than 2000 women through her exercise classes aloud Juliana to develop a unique and complete approach to weight loss that combines three main areas: Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise.

Her Weight Loss Method is based on Natural Nutrition and she focuses on teaching people to change their habits and deal with their emotions so they can stop the effects of yo yo dieting once and for all and start seeing the desired results.

In the last couple of years Juliana started to work with Brides-To-Be that wanted to feel and look their absolute best on their wedding day, honeymoon and after. She absolutely loved it because of their motivation to change their lifestyle before starting a "new life" and decided to focus on helping as many brides-to-be as possible.

You can find out more about Weight Loss for Brides-To-Be by visiting her website.

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