Ali Akram

Enthusiast who loves Graphic Designing and anything related to that!

Hi! I am Ali Akram. I am a student and a teacher.

I am a graduate in Computer Sciences from FAST, the renowned IT University of Pakistan. I am a software developer and beside that, my passion for graphics and graphics related work overshadows every passion in my life.

I am an enthusiast who loves to work with graphic designing and have won various awards in this regard. Making presentations is also one of my greatest passions and I have worked with great officials and many societies on various projects and on various occasions. I take pride in that because for this, I followed my passion and whatever you do from heart you are rewarded.

Previously I have been teaching since past 3 years and have now decided to utilize opportunity of online teaching. I, together with my fellow instructor Muhammad Arslan, have put my great effort into this course to make it complete coaching for my students and I am sure it will help my students to the fullest. Our teaching method and the pace at which we teach are always about making things easy for you and easy to “absorb”.

My students are my friends and helping them, guiding them is always a source of happiness for me. I can be contacted anytime on the discussion forum of the course and will always be available.

So let’s begin with our powerful course which will boost your skills and make you a PowerPoint Ninja!

Let’s get started.

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