Lan Turner

President & CEO

As an active Stocks, Futures & Forex trader, I've been working in the financial industry for over 21 years, and have taught my unique ideas and concepts to clients, professional traders, and brokers from all around the world.

I've also had the good fortune of having been invited to present at the Chicago Board of Trade and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Education Centers on multiple occasions.

Probably my greatest accomplishment, and contribution to our industry, is being the founder and Chairman of Gecko Software, and chief design architect of the award winning line of Track 'n Trade LIVE trading platforms, as well as our famous TradeMiner, and NewsMiner market research tools. (Tools my team and I designed primarily for our own personal use in trading.)

I also own Gecko Financial Services, a boutique brokerage firm we created for the sole purpose of providing better, safer, more trustworthy, and less expensive brokerage services to our software clients, friends, and family.

One of my great passions is also being the President, and founder of PitNews Press, my own publishing house, which I've dedicated to publications regarding the financial industry.

I'm also the Editor in Chief of PitNews Magazine, a digital magazine that's been in publication since 1998. I'm proud to say that I'm also an accomplished author, having published several books on trading, through my own publishing company of course, and distributed direct, as well as through Amazon, in print, as well as in digital format.

I'm an accomplished public speaker, trainer, and coach, having taught my live trading seminars to dozens of large audiences across the US, as well as internationally.

Even though I've authored several books, some of my favorite work has been creating my ever popular 'boot camp' video training courses on trading, where I cover such topics as recurring price patterns, Fibonacci and Elliott Wave, Options, Auto Trading Systems, and of course my favorite subject, how to trade using our proprietary systems & indicators: The Bulls 'n Bears, and Advantage Lines.

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