Andrew Kobylarz

Intrepid Gym Fitness and Nutrition Coach

I've been passionate about fitness and nutrition since I've been 18. I've gone through various diets and workout routines while trying to reach my goals of losing fat and gaining muscle. Obtaining and maintaining low body fat hasn’t been without its challenges, but ultimately I found a way to systematize my diet and workout routines in a healthy, sustainable way.

Following my passion and curiosity, I became a fitness and nutrition coach at Intrepid Gym, where I learned that many of the people that I was training were having the same obstacles that I had. It led me to create the Mind Ya Fitness blog, which helps busy professionals to incorporate healthier eating habits and workout routines into their schedule. From there I started writing for various health/wellness publications and became a nutrition expert for

All that experience brought me to the DeskJob Diet course. It’s designed for busy professionals to eat healthier while obtaining or maintaining a low body fat. I want to make it easier for people to improve their diets, look better, feel healthier, and ultimately be more confident.

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