Sarah McGahan

Mentor and Workshop Facilitator

Sarah McGahan is a mentor and workshop facilitator in the following areas:

·      Feminine and masculine energies

·      Creating a deeper connection with, and living in dynamic balance with nature

·      Animal communication

·      Uncovering and following your divine purpose

·      Service based leadership

Sarah is committed to personal development and spiritual expansion and has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience to draw upon.

After many years of working in the masculine driven corporate world of events, marketing and business development, Sarah found herself chronically ill and in a relationship that lacked deep intimacy, primarily because her masculine side was dominant. Feeling disconnected, she began a personal journey of exploring feminine essence and re-connecting with nature.

Sarah has experience in mentoring women individually and in group programs and facilitating workshops. Her passion is, in seeing individuals she works with, realizing and breaking through self-limiting beliefs and blocks that hold them back from what they truly desire in life.

As well as offering 'Embodying Your Feminine Essence' course on Udemy, Sarah is available for personalized one-on-one mentoring sessions.

Sarah lives between New Zealand (her home country) and Bali, Indonesia.

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