Michael Gatewood

“You don’t have to be an asset to gain access, be available"

Michael Gatewood is Pastor of Gracesons Life Class International, Host of teleconference series entitled Lifeline (Life made simple, plain, and uncomplicated) and CEO of MGC .  He is an effective communicator of the truth about how people can rise above their perceived limitations. He is a skilled Executive Coach whose charismatic flair invigorates the room.

Michael Gatewood Has shared the stage with Bershawn Shaw Life Coach, Earl Davis, Jr 2002 Olympic Torch Bearer, Eric Ortiz former NFL player, and Dr Moses Brown Gospel recording Artist and many more. Gatewood served as a corporate trainer for an international corporation and developed tools to turn a store in sight of closure into a $4M profitable business. Realizing the high rate of unemployment in the Tampa bay area, he partnered with a local pastor to conduct a series of Workshops aka. The Master’s Class with Michael Gatewood & Friends

Michael Gatewood is a Publisher , and the author of Coaching the Uncoachable Series I-V Coaching the Uncoachable books Is a compilation of T.I.P.S. (Techniques, ideas, principles and strategies) crafted for people who desire coaching just not from you. Coaching the Uncoachable requires a special relationship and an extraordinary conversation in which people explore ways they can create significant change in their relationships, careers or lives. Michael Gatewood is a man of God driven by faith who believes he can do all things through Christ who strengthens him.

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