Zach Freedman

Software Engineer

Currently I'm working as a software engineer at a robotics company called Modbot. The company's mission is to make robotics more accessible to the public, but also more modular so that any robot can be built out of a limited set of primitive parts, just like LEGO.

Prior to joining Modbot's engineering team, I released several mobiles games to the App Store using Unity3D and C#: Kabuku, a 3D extension of Tetris, and EZ Dot, a casual 2D endless runner. I also reverse engineered Crossy Road, a popular iOS endless runner, and added several UX features.

Recently, I graduated from Hack Reactor, an advanced software engineering immersive program located in San Francisco, California. Hack Reactor's program aims at quickly and reliably placing software engineers into the web development scene in a 3 month time period through rigorous course work in JavaScript, algorithms, and several web frameworks like Node, React, Angular, etc.

Additionally, I graduated from Trinity College in 2014, where I earned a B.S. in computer science and another in Math.