John McMahon

National Team Coach, Mindset Trainer and 2 x World Champion

John McMahon started to develop an in-depth knowledge of how to manage mental performance as a highly trained marksman in the infantry. The secret to being a great marksman is your ability to pull the trigger, when all hell is breaking loose around you, and still hit the bullseye. John used this knowledge to become a World Kickboxing Champion, but more importantly, as a performance coach, he helps a wide range of athletes and has produced many champions. He is an energetic, mission-oriented individual who has been educating, empowering, and elevating the attendee's, of his peak performance workshops, for over two decades. He employs a highly effective method, which is easy to understand, but most importantly, put into immediate action in order to yield results.

Career Highlights:

- Canadian National Team Coach - WKA World Championships - Corfu - 2001- Gold Medalist - WKA World Kickboxing Champion - Czech Republic - 2000- World Title Belt - WPKA World Kickboxing Champion - United States - 2000- 3 x Gold during WAKO Intercontinental Championships - South Africa - 1999- Bronze Medal - WKA World Kickboxing Championships - Malta - 1999- National Kickboxing team member - Denmark, Poland, United States - 1996 to 1999- World Championships - Canadian National Tae Kwon Do team - England - 1994- Black belt in Karate - 1994- Forces 50 Elite Marksman - Canadian Infantry - 1993

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