Colin Smeaton

Entrepreneur / Online Marketer

I am a ships captain by profession, but after a serious illness began to market physical products online. I then diversified into online marketing, building and selling custom made websites for local businesses. Creating training courses online was a natural progression from my online businesses.

I sell elephant paintings and herbal teas and training courses online.

After creating Membership Masterclass I requested well known Internet Marketing experts, who have made hundreds of thousands of dollars online to review Membership Masterclass.

This is what they had to say:

"Congrats on a job well done! Everyone who does any sort of business online these days NEEDS to know Email Marketing! Your Membership Master Class covers some of the best practices I know of, that I encourage my own students to do! I do like the fact that you cover everything that people should be doing in your product. I will be happy to recommend Membership Master Class to anyone who is looking for simple ways to immprove their online presence, and generate profits from their Membership Sites! Regards."

John Thornhill 

"Hi Colin, Thanks for allowing us to review your Membership Master Class. With the step by step details you mention, it does make it a lot easier for anyone to fully understand everything they can do with Membership Sites, and how to implement it all.

Randy Smith (MediaKettle)

"... And any advantage we can recommend to our readers is always helpful. Having a membership site is one thing, but many don't know how to consistently generate profits from it. So it's definitely a skill that is required these days! Cheers."

Simon Phillips (MediaKettle)

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