Kalaivani Kalimuthan

Healer & Reader, Teacher, Divine Messenger And Channel

Greetings dear ones. My name is Kalaivani D/O Kalimuthan. (Kalai). I am originally from Singapore and have worked for Nike Global for majority of my lifetime. During my tenure at Nike, I implemented projects and trained employees at company entity level, as well as drafted processes and educated various employees on the processes and the system usage. I had conducted several visual and speech presentations.

Despite being in the corporate world, I have always had a strong connection with God. I have always been a strong believer in God, spirituality, spiritual healing and mediumship.

My interest has always been with God and Divine related.

In the year 2013, I received my enlightenment. That was the time I felt God’s presence very strongly within and around me. The Angels showed their presence within me and around me very strongly as well; shortly after, I learnt that the Ascended Masters were also with me. I learnt from God and the Angels, that I had special and important agenda to be here.

I realized my life’s path was diverting from the corporate world. I also realized the “REAL” job, which was an important one, was coming; I learnt that I was a natural healer. I started to feel the cosmic energy that I was receiving.

To learn about energy and healing, I started to learn Reiki from Lawrence Leow locally here for the first level and studied the entire Reiki course from Lisa Powers here in Udemy and was certified as a Reiki Master.

To develop the right skills and expand my gifts and abilities, I studied Higher Consciousness and was certified as an Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healer & Reader by Sage Taylor Kinsley. This was the in-depth, 2-year clairvoyant and intuitive energy mastery internship for my certification as Intuitive Angelic Miracle (I AM) Healer and Reader.

To know about fairies and the elementals, I studied the Fairyologist Course from Doreen Virtue and was certified as Fairyologist.

My role is to be a Messenger of God and be a channel of God, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Michael and the highest spirit of Reiki. My role includes to be a healer and writer as well.

I am honoured to serve the world by being a messenger, healer, reader, a spiritual teacher, writer and an intuitive counsellor.

Other than spiritual certifications, I hold a NCC International Diploma in Computer Studies with TMC Computer Studies.

Besides spiritual matters, I love sports. Sports is part of my life. I enjoy swimming, gym workouts and weights. I am also a fan of nature. I love to walk in the nature. Travel is also one of my favorite activity.

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