Joshua Robinson

Professional Guitar Teacher and Performer

Joshua Robinson is a professional guitar instructor and performer. Since then, he began playing for audiences of thousands when he accompanied the percussion enseble  at Oakwood Elementary in Huntsville, Alabama.  Joshua often plays for the world-famous Mt. Rubidoux Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Riverside, California. His band there has played alongside greats such as Stevie Mackey, who: is the voice coach for Selena Gomez, has worked with Whitney Houston, and many more celebrities. In 2015, Joshua was asked to be an opening act for Rick Ross. However, he turned down the offer due to conflicts with his academic schedule. Joshua plays for many local bands in Southern California at concerts, professional studio sessions, banquets, weddings, and more. 

Currently, Joshua teaches for the AVPA (Academy of Visual and Performing Arts) program at La Sierra University. The courses that he teaches have been PROVEN to be effective for beginners of all ages.

He reaches out to those who think that they are not skilled enough to play the guitar. When he first began playing guitar, Joshua himself thought that his fingers were too small to play, but he was able to learn through great determination. He has a passion to help YOU, and will, even if you think that you are not able to play.

Joshua offers's 1st and #1 guitar course that is specifically geared toward kids on the beginner level. The aforementioned course has a 5-star rating and is live in 5 countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Argentina, and the U.S.). 

He loves to play all genres and hopes to get YOU playing what you love.

Joshua is very driven to show you that YOU CAN play the guitar!