Michelle Gyimah

Gender Equality Consultant

Michelle Gyimah is a Gender Equality Consultant with over 10 years' experience of working on equality issues in the workplace.

She worked for the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission for 8 years before going freelance in 2014. There she specialised in writing guidance for employers and delivering training seminars on equal pay and pregnancy and maternity discrimination.

She holds a Masters in Human Rights from The University of Manchester.

Since going freelance Michelle has had the freedom to really teach what she loves best. Gender Equality. She is keen to embrace technology to be able to reach hundreds of women worldwide to help them reach their full potential in the workplace.

The subjects that she teaches to both employers and employees are of real importance to both individuals and society as a whole. It's her love for these subjects that drives her on to seek ways to work with women (and men) to tackle and eradicate gender inequality in the workplace.

Michelle is a regular contributor to numerous business magazines and lives in Manchester, UK.

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