Samuel Rodriguez

TV producer at Udemy

My name is Sam, but I often go by the nickname "Bubbles." My nickname is decedent from the TV show "Power Puff Girls." Don't ask why ;)

I’m a TV personality and voiceover artist and I'm the sole proprietor of a successful video production company that focuses on the production of creative media content for small to medium sized businesses. Every year, I work with over 200 different companies and I have received wonderful feedback in regards to the work I have done for them.   

Since 2009. I have dedicated my efforts into teaching and producing stunning videos and motion graphics through the use of Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects. Even now, I continue to take college-level courses to expand my own knowledge so that I can better provide instruction.

Some of my biggest accomplishments include staring in my first TV commercial that was aired in mid-2014, and in that same year having my first video commercial streamed across movie theaters in the United States.

As a hobby, I love to travel, speak Spanish, play with new technology and post adventure videos on my newly created YouTube channel known as "Cinema Locos."

Today, I work day and night recording voice overs and producing "Post-Production" commercials for small to medium sized businesses. 

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