Laura Thomas

Health Coach, Sugar Cravings & Habit Change Expert

I love helping and inspiring people to embrace lower sugar living that isn't extreme but that's practical enough to make a marked difference on their emotional and physical health.

I've worked with dozens of people to help them transform their sugary ways. From the business owner who can't stop eating sweets to the chocoholic that steals her children's Easter eggs to the marathon runner who is slim but knows they depend on sugar. Even the super healthy who eat well but can't get a handle on their sweet tooth.

Taking my courses you'll learn from someone who's got this coaching and mentoring experience from others but more importantly has really been there too.

I've scoffed whole packets of biscuits and felt disgusted with myself. I've spent days dreaming and drooling over sugar. I've dashed out urgenty and spent a fortune at times getting my sweet fix.

(Note: Now I class myself as having a healthy relationship with sugar. I don't crave it so I don't eat it day to day but if a special occasion presents and decide I want to have a little, I know I can without slipping back down the slippery slope. However with my palate changed so much now, I really just don't desire or fantasise about sugar like I used to. I feel free and empowered in my eating habits.)

Would you like to get control over your sugar cravings?

What would you do with all the extra mental and physical energy?

How would a lower sugar lifestyle impact on your work, your relationships and your self confidence?

Would you like to lose weight effortlessly without ever having to diet or restrict?

All of this and more is very possible when you stop craving (and so eating) an unnecessary amount of sugar.

About Me

I'm a certified holistic health coach who has spent years understanding and focussing solely on the complex relationship people have with sugar. Studying with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition I bring a holistic angle into everything I do. This is very relevant when it comes to sugar because often there is a lot more going on that drives the unhealthy habits (emotional eating, self esteem, stress management etc.).

As a result, in addition to the nutrition side of things, I've spent a significant amount of time studying and writing about habits. emotional eating and managing sugar in social situations (which can be one of the trickier).

I've formally presented 'The Sugar Diaries' on UK Health Radio and have written for The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday Newspapers. I've also featured in Elle, Grazia, Health & Fitness magazines in addition to writing 100's of articles for online publications and websites sharing my unique approach and experience in this area.

I'm now teaching healthier sugar habits through seminars and workshops at blue chip companies.

I'm on a mission to share my knowledge as wide as possible to help free people of feeling controlled by this addictive substance but at the same time live in harmony with it (because let's face it, it's not going away!).


A wealth of resources for you to get stuck into and say hi to me on...

Visit my webisite Happy Sugar Habits for 100's of articles and sugar-free recipes

You Tube Channel: happysugarhabitstv

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Kind Words

"My life has flipped right side up. I couldn't of done it without your help Laura. I can look at sweets and even smell it and say no thanks. Also i don't work out as much but have found i haven't put on weight fast like I used to all because I kicked sugar out of my lifestyle. Thank you."

Anonymous, London

"I was sceptical about my own ability to change my sugar habits before I started the programme. But I was surprised by the changes that I witnessed. I started to taste things more intensely – even vegetables started to taste sweet! Fruit now tastes incredible, and I now prefer dark chocolate over milk."

Victoria Peel Yates, Brussels

"I no longer have sweet cravings and find I have a lot more energy. The depth of information you get on the courses is where you get your value for money – the information covers not just sugar, but the emotional side of eating and other health snippets too. And then there's Laura herself. She is incredibly enthusiastic and knowledgeable, sharing her experiences to ensure you have that much-needed friend by your side as you go through"

Anna Roberts, Sheffield

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