Justin Thomas, P.Eng,MBA

Business & IT consultant

Justin Thomas,  P.Eng,MBA

      I am a qualified Business IT  consultant and a Digital Marketer  .I started my profession as a network engineer handling complex hardware and software issues. I then moved to consulting with one of the best consulting organisation in the world where I worked as an external consultant for many of the reputed organisations across the world and helped them to find the problems as well as suggested solutions using  Big-data analysis as well as by using google analytics .I have successfully handled digital marketing for organisations by using Google plus,facebook,twitter and by using other digital marketing tools . 

      I am passionate in teaching and I am having a total  teaching experience 8 years and I am having expertise in the following subjects :- 

      Digital marketing 

      Microsoft office tools 

      Windows Operating system 

      Different productivity Software 

      Big data

Google analytics

      Life Skills and Memory improvement tips 

      I am also conducted workshops and training in MS office tools , computer speed improvement tips , Digital marketing for brands and publishers and memory improvement tips. 

      Currently I am currently an IT mentor with one of government organisation in New Zealand . 

      I enjoy bush walking ,blogging ,memory games ,cycling and cooking 

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