Mark Davison

Behavior Therapist, Special Needs Worker

I have a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and a Diploma in Applied Behavior Analysis specializing in teaching behaviour therapy to children with autism.

I have been working with children with special needs for four years and have a passion for making effective learning strategies available to caretakers, instructors, and family members to increase the quality of life for people on the autism spectrum.

I have experience working with children and teenagers in a one-to-one instructional setting, a group setting, and delivering in-home service. I am comfortable teaching foundational skills such as toilet training, toothbrushing, eating using a fork and a knife, and tolerating receiving a haircut. I also am trained to teach pre-academic skills such as looking when called by name, waiting to access toys, and sitting at a desk or table for appropriate amounts of time.

I am passionate about teaching parents and caretakers how to teach their child on the autism spectrum effectively. My courses will offer the background, technical knowledge, and specific teaching strategies required to teach children on the autism spectrum a variety of skills. Course material will be presented in a simple, accessible manner so that anyone can learn and apply this knowledge.