Chris Decoteau

Certified Protection Specialist, NREMT-P/T, LEO

Chris is currently an Executive Protection Specialist and Team Medic for a confidential Forbes 400 client. As a protection specialist, Chris is responsible for close protection of client and family in and out or the United States. Doing advance surveys, he is responsible for the security of client's vehicles, Jet, properties and places of interest to the client while providing access control, surveillance and counter surveillance measures.

Working part time in Law Enforcement, Chris currently holds the position of Tactical Specialist/ Officer for his department.

Chris has also worked in a very busy EMS system for the last 15 years. Chris is a very experienced Nationally Registered Paramedic/Tactical that provides medical care to the citizens of Springfield Massachusetts. As a Paramedic Supervisor, Tactical Medic and cofounder of the company's tactical team, Chris has worked with several agencies such as FBI, ATF, DEA, US Marshalls, ICE, Local PD and State PD throughout the greater Springfield area.