Isha Bell | A Best-Selling Udemy Instructor

Learn about high-end branding and positioning

Isha Bell is one of the leading Creative Directors in the design world today. The work that she has done for her clients have been showcased on television platforms and high end magazines such as CNN, British Vogue, and Marie Claire Magazine. Her editorial eye for style and brand beautification is what sets her apart from your average designer. Isha helps brands looking to reposition themselves onto higher platforms of visibility. In addition, she helps her clients become aware of resources they didn’t they even know they had resulting in positive transformations toward their business’ bottom line.

As an expert brand therapist, Isha Bell’s consultation is valued; She takes the time and care to listen to the needs of her clients so as to offer them the most authentic and profitable solutions to the branding process.

In a market of so much rapid innovation Isha Bell is the ideal resource, positioning her clients on the world stage and giving them foundations to prepare for the success that awaits.

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