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LEAN Corp.

LeanPrep Corporation is a private education company located in the heart of global business area of Gangnam in Seoul, South Korea, that is also known for its world's famous Korean Hagwons, best private education institutions in Asian region. In cooperation with the most prestigious educational centers in the country, LeanPrep goes along with advanced technologies to provide worldwide access to elite online education for everyone at very affordable price.

LeanPrep has not only the expertise, but the history of success of hundreds American and International students that take US College Entrance Exams every year. Our tutoring curriculum and system of instruction help high-school students to raise their scores, get excellent results and significantly improve their understanding of main concepts through the most successful 'Hagwon style' lectures.

Hagwon's intense education is credited with helping South Korea students consistently rank at the top of the world in reading, math and science, and today LeanPrep brings that success practice to you online with our various courses on Udemy.

All of our teachers are high level professionals majoring in math, physics, biology, English, history, etc. with at least 6+ years of experience in professional tutoring for US College exams such as SAT and SAT Subject, ACT, AP and TOEFL.

In December 2014 LeanPrep Company has attracted the attention of both the government and business circles, as the story of our success was published in “Power Korea Brand" magazine, nationwide well-known media sources that covers the stories of the most successful creative companies in the region.

Study with us, feel the difference, become successful!

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