Na Lu

Mandarin Chinese Instructor and Cultural Consultant

Na Lu has been teaching Mandarin for 3 years in public schools in MA, and has demonstrated her outstanding quality of teaching Mandarin through rigorous high-quality lessons and creative student-centered assessments. She was awarded 'The 2014 New Teacher Commendation' by MaFLA (The Massachusetts Foreign Language Association) for 'demonstrated excellence.'

Na Lu, a.k.a. Zhuochen Lu, is a native of China, and is therefore perfectly fluent in Mandarin Chinese with a comprehensive understanding of Chinese culture. While working as a Mandarin teacher at her first job, Na, an educator by education and passion, started, taught and continuously improved the Mandarin program for her employer. Na became an active member of NECTFL and MaFLA. She also presented an extremely well-received session on how to integrate engaging activities, technology and authentic resources to promote Mandarin learning.

Outside her work, Na enjoys watching Chinese programs and listening to NPR to stay current with the rapidly changing world. When she misses her family and friends back in China, she makes sure to reach out to them via WeChat or Skype. When Na is doing none of the mentioned above, she enjoys outdoor activities, traveling and experiencing new cultures.