Dr. Michele Poff

Communication Scientist

Hi! I'm Dr. Michele Poff. I have a PhD in Communication*, an MA in Applied Linguistics, and a BA in English**. I've taught university courses in communication and English language for 14 years.

My academic work has all involved communication and education in some way. My social science research has involved analyzing texts for their composition and for their ideological reflections. I've also been involved with research in pedagogy and learning.

A couple of years ago I departed from the university and started a strategic communications consulting company called Accomplish, LLC, where I help clients advance to the next step along their own paths to success. I am honored and privileged to help people fulfill their dreams. This company fulfills a lifelong dream of my own, which is to take the amazing knowledge I've acquired from my many years at some of the world's best academic institutions, and make that knowledge accessible to the general public as a service. I can now help anyone who wants me to, rather that only those who enter the university's writing center or my office hours. Among my regular clients are Harvard researchers, political scientists, and publishing houses. Udemy provides the next step for me along fulfilling my dream of bringing academic knowledge outside of the academy's boundaries. Through Udemy, I can create courses for people who are no longer in college (or didn't have a chance to go), but want to better themselves by furthering their knowledge and their skills. To share knowledge with anyone who wants it, rather than those specifically enrolled in accredited academic programs, has been a dream of mine since long before the internet. Now Udemy has made this a possibility.

My specific academic interests are varied and wide. I hold expertise in several Communication sub-disciplines, Linguistics, and Pedagogy (instruction). The areas of my communication expertise include interpersonal comm, small group comm, mass comm/media studies, political comm and political ideology, rhetoric, argumentation, public speaking, and environmental comm. In Linguistics, I hold expertise in composition, syntax, and phrasing.

All of my courses draw from my vast and varied background. All are grounded in academic research, dating from Aristotle in ancient Greece and including the most recent cutting edge scholarship.

You are in good hands.


*University of Washington is currently ranked number 3 of the world's public universities. It is ranked number 16 of all universities in the world.

**University of California, Berkeley is consistently ranked number 1 of the world's public universities. It is consistently ranked in the top five of all universities in the world, behind Harvard, Stanford, and MIT.