Kaylee V. Wickline

Founder of SpoiledReader.com

Kaylee V. Wickline is an author, writer, editor, coach and founder of the eBook deals website, Spoiled Reader. She writes and publishes both fiction and non-fiction books through her own self-publishing company. Her debut fiction piece, Turned, hit the Amazon bestseller's list the first day it went live and has remained on the top 100 lists since. In addition to her publishing business, she offers specialized coaching for aspiring entrepreneurs and authors on various self-publishing, writing and online marketing topics. Her eBook deals site, Spoiled Reader, is dedicated to connecting book lovers with all of the books they want to read, at a price they love.

Kaylee is most passionate about helping aspiring authors effectively and efficiently write and market their fiction and non-fiction pieces. She believes that the self-publishing industry has opened so many doors that were otherwise closed with traditional publishing. Her goal is to help others experience the success that she's experienced with her own book marketing efforts. Kaylee is well-versed in internet marketing strategies, and she enjoys sharing her expertise with her clients in order to help them acomplish their business goals.

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