Deanna Brown

Educator & Entrepreneur

Deanna Brown is a graduate of The University of Regina and a professional  Counsellor. In addition, she teaches several part time credit and non-credit courses at a college in her local community. Currently, she also runs her own business as an artist and photographer, her third successful business since she began her self-employment journey in her 20's. Deanna works with a variety of mediums including graphite, acrylic painting, charcoal, watercolour, sculpture, multi-media projects, airbrushing and digital art.

She started her first business many years ago, and has never looked back. Deanna runs her current successful home based art business which operates in Saskatchewan, Canada. She enjoys helping people start their own businesses and ventures to set them up for success. Deanna is married, and lives with her husband in a small community in Southern Saskatchewan.

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