Nana Yaw


More of a generalist, i use various programs to complete different tasks, the job I'm doing usually determines which software I use,

my favorite programs include Maya Photoshop Zbrush Cinema4d and Aftereffects. I've recently picked up Nuke as well as I want to improve on my work and also produce my own animated shorts , and all the skills I've learned from all those previous years is coming in reall handy, though the technology changes at a pace that can been daunting to keep up with.Currently I'm pursuing a business in the Apparel industry and I hope to share what I discover on udemy with many that might want to do the same, my previous knowleadge in software programming really does help me understand and use software quite easily and I hope to help other master and use these programs in their daily works. Every thing I teach here is what I learned from other people on the internet, I'm a big fun of self paced learning because you can pick and choose what you want to learn, and udemy provide me with the opportunity to learn and teach at the same time.