Gordon Parlova

Gordon Parlova: Marketer, Trainer, Author, Speaker, PR Specialist, Consultant.

I’m a marketing manager with 23 years of experience. I’ve worked in a variety of industries including computers, high-tech equipment, software, SEO, online advertising, chemicals, and food/wine. From that experience I’ve learned or created methods to get great results from marketing including very high response rates and high conversions.

I’ve had great success with my methods. I’ve run campaigns that have brought in 1,400 leads in 60 days, as well as a web campaign that delivered 15,000 web visitors in two days.In public relations, I have a 98% success rate: I’ve gotten multiple cover stories in magazines, and have placed hundreds of clients on TV and on the radio.

My goal in Udemy is to provide you with simple and easy-to-implement strategies and tactics that *work*. Many so-called “marketers” tell you things they’ve read in books.I don’t.I give you techniques that have been tested and have proven results. Because of this, my techniques will probably sound different than what other people might say.But they work. Trust me. You have enough to do with your business without struggling with your marketing, so I deliver workable, effective techniques that get the results you want.

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