I am Mansoor Ahmad. A professional blogger, SEO Expert and Web developer.

Some of my experience in the internet world.

Search Engine Optimization:

On internet, most of the online successful businesses are due to SEO. SEO plays a great role in building a successful business. With my SEO skills, I rank my own blogs having great content. SEO also helps me in doing affiliate marketing as joined platforms like Clickbank and others. Yeah! SEO is the most interesting work on internet. I can do more than a lot.


WordPress is an online CMS platform used by millions of people around the world. It is the most popular and advanced platform on the internet. I love it. I teach WordPress to people. On Udemy, you will become a WordPress expert via my course. I have covered each and every topic in the course. Thus, WordPress is more awesome than other platforms.

Web Development:

Apart from all these, I love creating websites from scratch and applying robust design over it. Writing codes is interesting and gives you new idea to build something more awesome.

I have no team or any worker with myself, I do all this work alone having some stuff. I always discover new things and that helps me to work more and more.

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