Chris Black

Speaker/Teacher/Life change strategist/Musician

Chris Black is a highly regarded musician, author, teacher, and life coach who has performed with artists such as Beyonce, Bobby Lyle, Regina Belle, Lil Wayne and many others. In 2002, Chris suddenly lost all mobility in his arms and legs. He was faced with the end of his career and his purpose in life. The diagnosis, Multiple Sclerosis: A disease for which there is no cure.  He refused to give up, believing in healing and beating the odds.  He knew he would have to change everything - from the inside out: his mind, his body, his spirituality, and his emotional well-being.  Chris would not allow his circumstances to dictate his outcome.

With this new perspective, Chris regained 100% of his abilities and was able to resume his career as a musician, entertainer, and entrepreneur.  Chris did more than get his life back, he found his new purpose: to share his experiences with - and help as many people as possible.

Driven by his quest for knowledge, Chris earned a Master Certification in Business, became a Certified Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.  Since then, Chris has helped thousands change their lives, heal, and discover their true purpose.

Chris is a world-class professional speaker/author/life coach.  He is committed to inspiring audiences and delivering strategies to help individuals and organizations thrive in the midst of adversity and excel to new heights of performance. Chris Black has emerged as one of the industry’s most influential people to watch.  Chris Black has traveled the world for more than 20 years and throughout his travels Mr. Black has experienced a diversity of cultures and thus gained an abundance of knowledge and insight that sowed into his dream. He endeavors to create a positive atmosphere that will challenge you to evoke change.

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