James White

Prospect Conversion Expert & CEO of InTouchCRM

With over 20 years of sales and marketing experience including 11 in running his own online software business, James White knows what it takes achieve business success.

James had a successful career as a Sales and Marketing Director for large international computer networking firms such as 3Com and delivered results and relationships which gave him a six-figure salary and multi-million pound budget responsibility before the age of 30.

A major life crisis and the disillusion of corporate life prompted James to embark on his own journey as a small business owner in 2005 when he created InTouch. James set out to build and then grow an online, subscription based software business without major capital investment and without huge sales and marketing resources.

James has built InTouch into one of the UK’s leading Sales and Marketing systems and InTouch helps over 4000 businesses in over 40 countries worldwide turn their prospects into customers and their customers into referrers.

He regularly speaks at events and is in the process of completing his first book ‘The Conversion Train’. Within his presentations and book James outlines methods that any company can use to convert prospects into customers and enjoy a first-class journey to business success!

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