kimberly smith

Owner & Instructor StripXpertease NYC ~ L.A.

Kimberly is an instructor & the founder of StripXpertease and has been dancing in 6 inch heels for 22 years. Originally from Austin, Texas, she moved to NYC in 2002 & created SXT in 2005. She moved to Long Beach, California in 2016, but still runs SXT NYC! Although she is no longer dancing in a club, she racked up over 10 years of experience as an exotic dancer in Texas, New York, & New Jersey. She also spent years acting & co-owned a NYC based film company. She uses those experiences with acting & striptease to bring laughter, fun, & education into all of her classes. She has choreographed strip club scenes & routines for film and theater and has taught various workshops at other studios across the country!

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