Philip Lewis

9th Degree Black Belt

Professor Lewis has trained for over four decades in the martial arts, and has served as a pastor in the U.S., and a church planting missionary in Brazil, South America. Currently, he continues to use his martial arts as an outreach and discipleship tool as a traveling missionary evangelist, teaching seminars, and working with a drug-rehab ministry in Brazil, S.A.  He taught Introduction to Martial Arts, and Introduction to Arnis as Adjunct Faculty at Cornerstone University for eight years, and has taught Women’s Self Defense at Kalamazoo College.  His experience in martial arts includes holding, and participating, in demos, seminars, and tournaments, also giving Gospel karate demos at churches, fitness shows, and tournaments in Brazil as well as in the U.S.  

Soke Phil Lewis is the recognized founder of Shinsei Kenpo, Mu Wu Shyr Quan Fa (Way of the  Shepherd Warrior, and Shinsei Arnis Jitsu, holds a 9th Degree Black Belt and high-ranking black belts in several arts/styles, and is a member of the Kenpo Hall of Fame.

He also is the author of several Martial Arts Manuals and other books.

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