James Smith

Skip Trial and Error, and jump straight to Success!

I graduated with honors from the University of Florida in 2009 with a BS in Human Biology as well as a BS in Computer Sciences. After finishing college, I found that finding and maintaining a job, was quite the challenge as I had almost every problem you could think of over the past 6 years. I couldn’t get a job because I wasn’t experienced enough early on and I could not get one later, because I was over qualified. I spent much of my time trying to improve my knowledge and collect professional certifications that could pad my resume in hopes of getting better jobs. I received almost every business certification you can imagine, Starting with my Green Belt in Six Sigma, I moved up collecting as high as my Black Belt and am currently in the process of finishing the prerequisites for my Master Black Belt. I also received my CBAP, my ScrumMaster, Prince 2, the list goes on. I thought by collecting as many certifications as possible I would set myself up success in the business field, however, that was not the case. What I was lacking was the very basic essentials that every corporate professional needs to be successful in the field, so through a lot of trial and error, I found my way, and that is what this first course is going to provide for you. The basic beginning.

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