Karl M.,

Award winning 3d-instructor, 3d-prof.,

Born in Germany, Working in 3D Business over 25 years now!

I worked for many International Companies

Today i create a lot of 3d Solutions and Apps for the Industry Worldwide.

I'm also a Award Winning Instructor (in 2001 and 2008), Teaching since years 3D in Highschools and i'm also a Award winning Designer.

For Movies i work also as a Character Animator, Python prog,  Working with Maya, 3dsmax, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Blender and other Apps.

Cinema 4D and Blender are my favorite 3d Applications. For Beginners in my Eyes Cinema 4D is still the best 3D Application. 

I think Cinema 4D and also Blender have a great Future and also all People who dives into the pure magic World of 3d - i do not know any better Job!

Have Fun with my Trainings!

See you !

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