Jordan Powell

Software Developer

Jordan has 6 years of professional software development experience across a number of industries and enjoys programming in a variety of languages, including Python, Java, Lisp and C.

He recently became a Director of a tech start-up, Zumatech Ltd, and works on projects of all types and scales, from enterprise-scale web applications to small throwaway utility scripts. The most important thing for Jordan is to write high quality code and have fun doing so. A self-confessed geek, he has recently been getting a kick out of writing his own operating system and learning x86 assembly for his own amusement. 

He believes that programming is a creative and dynamic process, more akin to composing a piece of music or creating a work of art than calculating formulas in a spreadsheet. He feels that creating elegant software solutions is something most people can enjoy if given the correct instruction and guidance and programming is not just for the mathematically or logically inclined.

He lives in the beautiful city of Brighton, on the South Coast of England, which is also known as “Silicon Beach”, and spends most of his time there hiding from the sun and sampling the excellent beers on offer across the many pubs and bars in the city. 

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