Austin Fadely

Author, Speaker, and Student Success Coach

I am a student success coach for high school and college students. I've written 2 books: Conquering College, and Contender, both available on Amazon.

I've spent over eight years in the education industry as a textbook writer, working on projects for companies like Sylvan, Kaplan, McDougal Littel, and Pearson.

As part of my work, I've met with and interviewed students, academic advisors, and admissions counselors from schools all across the country. My goal with these courses is to help teach students real success skills. Too many students are falling back and getting left behind because they've been forced to take too many tests and not spent enough time learning the actual skills they need to do well in college and careers.

I currently live in Florida with my wife and three children. When I'm not working or hanging with the family, I enjoy SCUBA diving, writing, and traveling.

You can read more about me and my backstory on my website, listed below.

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