Michael M.

Instructor Web/Game Development

Hey there! I am Michael and i am a web developer, programmer/web designer, freelance 2D/3D illustrator, modeler and also hobby game development enthusiast.  

I studied web development and web design, but are constantly trying to learn new frameworks / programming languages. The last 3 years i have taught myself c++ programming and c# beside all the common web development languages / frameworks. 

I think learning is a simple task if done right. I am a big supporter of practical teaching instead of theoretical. And so along the way i thought to myself: Why not trying to teach it the way it's the most easiest, most fun? Well, here i am! 

My goal is to gain a wide audience and try to teach them as most as possible in the shortest period of time. I will cover web development topics, web design topics, graphic design / illustration, wire-framing websites and also game programming. 

I hope you have a great time with my courses and if you have tips & ideas how to make them even more better, don't wait and send me an message! 

Anyways, have fun and keep hacking (or clicking) :). 

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