Steve Young

International Trainer, Sales and Productivity Expert



Seasoned Sales and productivity expert Steve Young trains and coaches professionals around the world. An accomplished Sales professional in his own right, Steve has a passion for helping others succeed. Steve's Sales career is far from typical. In fact, it’s quite anomalous, extraordinary, and all started at the age of 19, when Steve convinced a business owner to take a chance on him – by hiring his for a position for which I was unqualified to fill. The company was an industry leader, and the job called an outside Sales professional. Steve had no Sales experience, and the company provided no Sales training. So, he was on his own to figure out how to sell.  What Steve discovered about selling helped him quadruple sales, receive three promotions, and, before the age of 30, become the Sales and Marketing Manager for a multi-million dollar division of the company.


Steve has seen Sales from many perspectives, as Sr. Account Executive, Sales Director, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, International trainer, and as an entrepreneur. He has helped build Sales operations for companies across the country, and that represent more than two dozen industries. He has sold in all economic conditions, and has managed local and national Sales teams with original Sales solutions that he created.  Steve later received certification from a Top 10 Fortune 500 company for a Master Sales course, and his Sales articles are published by the world’s largest Sales support organizations. Steve has generated millions of dollars in sales from buyers who work in warehouse to buyers in the executive corporate offices of some of the most famous companies in the world.


Steve's approach to Sales defined a methodology that evolved over the years, and, eventually (in 2008), became the foundation for his own business – growing the sales of more companies. In 2017, Steve launched Excel Pro Now, which represents the culmination of his experience, and is the best that he has to offer businesses and individuals interested in greater success.

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