Mohammed Ali

For the past 8 years I, Mohammed J. Ali has founded a couple of businesses. My expertise is derived from hands on experience creating change and development in the multiple businesses and practiced set of domains in the business while bootstrapping from coordinator to Sales person to an architect to business director. 

After my formal education I practiced engineering mostly, but later on moved into account management, sales/pre-sale engineering, consultant sales, Administration and more.
I have consulted organization in the transformation stage where it’s at the survival mode to overcome harshness of fading industries. 
I am Strategy, Digital Marketing, Programming, Communication Engineering, Cisco technologies enthusiast and always learning.

Worked in communication service providers, SaaS provider, IaaS provider, PaaS provider, tech startup, re-seller in domains like Microsoft software and in tech products.

Started working very earlier in life while education was big part of it. worked in picking jobs to secretary personal, and then managerial and sales coordinator in different companies, But after degree, my jobs were around Communication, electronics, and Networking and data Center engineering. eventually, fell in love with the inevitable entrepreneur life while working at a start-up in India that I thought i was born to be and pursued some ideas, some failed and some in working progress thankfully. 

Got what it takes, if it does kill you it makes you strong

Life is inspired by thought of freedom.

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